AI-driven B2B SaaS growth

I help SaaS leaders accelerate their AI product development efforts toward $60M+ in recurring revenue via strategic guidance and execution support tailored for every stage.

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I teach proven AI development and growth playbooks
to SaaS founders and emerging leaders.

Tom L Rogers

About Me

I have over a decade of experience in technology leadership for early and growth-stage ventures, including:

Over this period I've played a variety of Technology Leadership roles at high-growth enterprise SaaS companies, including Head of Platform Machine Learning, Director of Engineering, and Chief Technology Officer/Co-founder. I'm intimately familiar with the challenges and complexities of building out a successful SaaS business from "zero to one" and beyond.

My area of expertise is in B2B SaaS companies, delivering user-centric products and platforms and driving digital transformation initiatives leveraging machine learning, web, mobile, and other technologies.

I bring this expertise and understanding to a small number of early-stage, growth-focused SaaS ventures that want to:

  • Build sustainable competitive advantage via highly-differentiated product offerings and leveraging technological trends effectively
  • Improve operational efficiencies and agility
  • Raise product quality to attract and retain more customers
  • Mitigate technological risks in critical areas including security and privacy; and
  • Skill up their next level(s) of leadership and instill a high-performing culture that attracts and retains top talent and fuels ongoing innovation

I partner with entrepreneurs and technology leaders as an advisor and mentor throughout multiple phases of their product and platform development lifecycle. I help them lay the correct foundation for growth, see around corners, avoid expensive mistakes, and assemble world-class teams. I provide advice on the most effective and efficient way to build, launch, and scale your products and platforms and impact top-line revenue.

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Scalable AI-powered product and platform growth.

I've done it.

$0 to 8-figures in ARR. From a couple of scrappy scrum teams to hundreds of high performers in five years. Patented ML-powered features helping win and retain multi-million dollar deals. From zero to hundreds of thousands of users globally. 24x7 business-critical functionality, processing $500M+ in daily transactions in realtime, and working with some of the strictest security, privacy, and compliance requirements in the world. Want to know how to scale software applications, build high-performing and diverse engineering teams, and achieve sustainable competitive advantage through technology? I have the track record. Let me show you how it's done.

Take an awesome idea, get it off the ground, and grow it to scale.
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Engineering leadership

I've done that too.

Up-leveling your current software engineering leader(s) is a strategic process that requires smart, consistent leadership development. I'll mentor your engineering leader(s) and teach them everything I wish I knew and everything I learned along the way.

Accelerate learnings, see an outsized impact on your managers, architects, and teams, and set your Head of Engineering up for success.

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Feedback from clients and key stakeholders

"…we got 100% validation that our approach on mobile combined with ML is a game changer… I can’t overstate how powerful what you guys built is to plant in people’s minds [for] our technology brand. I really appreciate having you guys on our team."

Sr. Director, Enablement

"…really nice improvement and use of ML, making the search capabilities more robust and accurate will make a BIG positive impact on usability and client experience!!!"

Corporate VP and GM

"…your company clearly has the most impressive technology of anyone we are looking at."

Executive, Large Enterprise client

"I am so impressed! This has exceeded my expectations!"

Sr. Business Consultant

"LOVE this function and so do our clients!!!"

Sales Enablement Leader

"Extremely powerful for the client."

Sr. Business Consultant

"Great enhancement!"

VP, User Experience

"This is outstanding functionality"

Global Enterprise Sales Leader

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