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From Arguments to Harmony: Aligning Your Tech Architecture and Organization for Growth

VI #043: From Arguments to Harmony: Aligning Your Tech Architecture and Organization for Growth

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Scaling a B2B SaaS company is exciting, but it's not without its hurdles.

Remember the early days? When a small team and a simple system made everything click?

Fast forward to now, and things might feel a bit more complicated.

Picture this: Your company's growing fast.

But as more users come in, the tech that was once your backbone starts to wobble.

And with multiple teams all invested in the same system, decisions become slow and messy.

Instead of everyone rowing in the same direction, it feels like a tug-of-war.

But here's some good news: Challenges such as these can be turned into game-changers. Let's break this down:

  1. Initiation: A dedicated team, a clear focus, and quick wins. In the early days, a business thrives on agility with a compact team and a straightforward product focus. However, as you gain traction and expand, the once-efficient monolithic architecture might not be sufficient to accommodate the demands of a growing user base and diversified product features.

  2. Expansion: With growth, both in product lines and team size, the initial architecture might begin to falter. It's tempting to try to throw more resources or patch solutions to address these issues, but without a strategic approach, you're setting yourself up for more significant challenges down the line.

  3. Fragmentation: Here's where things get tricky. Without clear architectural and organizational direction, fragmentation can creep in. This phase sees teams working in silos but potentially with overlapping responsibilities, leading to inefficiencies and redundancies. It's like having multiple teams pulling in different directions, slowing down the company's forward momentum.

  4. Decentralization: Here, the goal is to set clear boundaries and ownership for each team and component, allowing them to operate independently but in a coordinated and aligned manner across the business. By carefully and thoughtfully implementing practices where appropriate such as the Inverse Conway maneuver, you can ensure that each part of your business can scale and make decisions related to their area of responsibility, in alignment with the communication channels between each domain, and the overall vision and goals of the business.

    This approach was exemplified by a B2B SaaS company that I helped shift from a monolithic codebase to a microservices approach. We aligned architectural domains with their organizational and communication structure, delivered the migration in less than a week and without impacting users, and, as a result, they were ultimately able to scale their platform towards serving millions of users across 130 countries. This move not only facilitated tech scalability but also enabled the engineering organization to grow from 3 scrum teams frequently "stepping on each others toes" to eventually over 30 highly-cohesive and loosely-coupled teams, and driving over 8 figures in annual recurring revenue.

  5. Harmonious Scaling: With both your architectural and organizational elements in sync, you can achieve more harmonious scaling. The tech and teams work in tandem, fueling growth rather than hindering it.


Recognizing and addressing these challenges proactively and properly can be the difference between thriving in the competitive B2B SaaS landscape and getting lost in the crowd.


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