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Stop Spinning Your Wheels – How to Kickstart Your AI Development with the Right Expertise

VI #047: Stop Spinning Your Wheels – How to Kickstart Your AI Development with the Right Expertise

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Ever stood on the edge of diving into developing an AI-powered product or platform for your company, wondering which way to go?


Honestly, I've been there.


Imagine you're about to start an AI project. It's like gearing up for an off-road adventure. If you have the right expertise on board, it's a thrilling ride. But with a team that's still learning the ropes, you might just end up going in circles.


This is what a lot of businesses go through when they think about AI.


The thought often is:


"I'm keen to get into AI, but let's start with developers who are lower cost and/or already in our team and who are willing to learn. We can think about getting the heavy hitters later, once things pick up."


Basically, "I'm cautious with AI, so I'll start small and see how it goes. Then, if it starts looking good, I'll bring in the pros."


I've seen this kind of thinking before, earlier in my career.


❌ I thought about hiring developers who weren't really AI pros yet, hoping they'd get there eventually. But then it became clear they just weren't ready for the big AI challenges.

❌ I played with the idea of using generalist engineers or data scientists without a computer science backgrounds for AI work, not fully realizing how specialized AI-powered software development really is.

❌ I held off on bringing in AI experts, thinking a general tech team could get things started. That's when I found out that the foundation of our AI work wasn't solid.


Going this route can end up costing more than you expect. Every day with a basic AI system can mean missed chances and extra costs fixing things later.


From my experience building and leading world-class AI/ML teams and successfully delivering dozens of global-scale AI-powered features, the game changed when I saw how important it is to have the right people from the start.


✅ I found that getting the right AI expertise on board early leads to strong, flexible, and really effective AI systems.

✅ I saw the value of a team that knows AI/ML holistically across data science, engineering, and product inside out, bringing ideas to life that really added value to the business.

✅ I understood how complex AI can be and that you need people with the right skills for your needs to build something truly differentiated, efficient, secure, and ready for the future.


Sure, it can be scary to put a lot into it right from the beginning, especially when you're watching your budget. But in this rapidly advancing field, trying to save too much at first can end up costing you more down the line.


The takeaway?


When you're thinking about innovating using AI in your platform or products, it's crucial to get experienced people in your corner right away. They're the ones who can lay solid groundwork for your AI project AND they can help upskill your existing team even faster.


That's the smartest move I've found. It helps you avoid underestimating what AI involves and makes sure you're set up for success, not just spinning your wheels. And if you’d like a hand with AI development for your company, then let’s talk.


See you next Thursday.


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